Blogging Communities-What and Why

A community is a group consisting of people that have something in common. For instance, in neighborhoods, the people living nearby form a community. Also, there are communities that are fighting for the same causes. An example of this is the group of people working for child education or women equality or so. There are groups that have members with similar interests, like video gaming communities. In the same way, there are blogging communities. Since, a blog can be about anything, a community connects blogs with similar themes. Bloggers with similar goals can also form a community. An online blogging community connects bloggers and readers with other bloggers and blogs.


These communities are websites where bloggers and readers can register. Bloggers can connect their blogs with it and their posts will be visible to all the members of the community. This is very helpful for the readers, and extremely beneficial for the bloggers. Let’s take a look at some of its benefits.

Benefits of joining blogging communities for bloggers

  1. The most important and obvious benefit is that your post gets circulated among a large number of readers. If your blog is new, you would be getting very few visits. That’s because you are unable to reach to the larger population of readers. With the help of a community, you can do that. Many readers will get curious and open your posts. If they turn out to be good, you will get regular visitors and supporters.
  2. Your blog will be visible to other bloggers too. They can read your posts and leave comments. This will be very helpful for you as a new bloggers. You will be able to improve your skills. If they find your post to be extraordinary, they might even promote it on their blogs. Even if you get some criticism initially, it is going to make you better.
  3. In a community, most of the bloggers will have a similar theme. You can read their blogs and get some inspiration for your next post. While reading a blog if you feel that you can add something to it, publish a post with the addition and link to the post that inspired you. This back-link might even create good relations with other bloggers, which will be very helpful for you someday.
  4. You can contact the experienced bloggers in case you have any questions or doubts. Suppose, you want to know how you can make money through your blog. You can ask this question from the members of community. You can even answer the questions from others if you want.

Manage your blogging community account

Joining a blogging community is going to really beneficial for your blog, but only if you manage your account in the proper way. Here are some tips for you.

  1. First of all, you need to connect to as many other bloggers as you can. Connecting to them will bring a lot of traffic back to you. Soon, they will start connecting to you too. But do not connect unnecessarily. It should make sense. There should be some relation between your post and their blog.
  2. Provide your personal information on the community. Readers feel closer to you when they are able to associate a name and face with your posts.
  3. Once you start gaining some popularity, a lot of other bloggers will be commenting on your posts. Always answer to their comments respectfully. You can even comment on their posts.

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