How secure is ASP.NET as compared to PHP?

One of the major responsibilities of holding a website is securing it. Securing a website is an extremely complex and critical issue for respective web developers. Providing necessary amounts of protection to a website needs patience and careful planning. To maintain the security of a website, all associated website programmers and administrators must hold a deep and clear understanding of all the available options for making their site secure.

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How does ASP.NET work on security?
ASP.NET actually works in concord with the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft .NET Framework in order to help serve web application security. To help safeguard your ASP.NET application, two fundamental functions should be performed. These basic functions are briefly described in the below attached table.
• Authorization: This function readily limits all kinds of access rights simply by granting or rejecting particular permissions to authenticated identities.
• Authentication: This very function helps in the verification process of a number of information about the users. It closely verifies if the user is the person who he or she claims to be. This application procures credentials or numerous forms of identifications such as password, name, etc. from the users and quickly validates such credentials against respective authorities. If the credentials obtained are valid, the person or user who has submitted the credentials in the procedure is promptly considered an authenticated user.
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is also able to grant or decline access depending on the IP address or host name of a user. All kinds of further access authorizations are performed by the URL authorization of NTFS file access permission.
How does PHP work on security?
PHP is another language used for developing web applications. PHP is as safe as any other major and famous language applied in creating web applications. But when the question arrives, if PHP is securer than ASP.NET, the first thing one must know is that ASP.NET is served by Microsoft whereas PHP is open source. Things that should be concentrated on while finding out the level of security in these two languages are:
• Extendibility
• Frameworks
• Features
Extendibility in both the languages would be more or less same. Tasks that can be performed with ASP.NET can also be accomplished using PHP. But at a close competition the ASP.NET wins out here. That is because of the ability of ASP.NET to make use of a language like C#. C# is considered far better a language than the PHP.
Any single framework cannot really help in creating all types of web applications. It can be well-suited for accomplishing some tasks but can also be less efficient to perform other tasks. Here, PHP seems to be stronger than ASP.NET for having a number of smaller frameworks as well as mainstream frameworks such as Symfony, CakePHP, Zend, Codeigniter Framework. But, on the other side, ASP.NET has two major frameworks such as ASP.ET MVC and WebForms.
Both ASP.Net and PHP are having same amounts of functionalities. But it depends on the programmer to look after the security matter of the websites. The low cost of PHP sometimes makes it more convenient to the people.
Use as per your convenience!
It is quite helpful to know and understand how all the various security systems as well as subsystems interact. ASP.NET is developed on the famous and reliable Microsoft .NET Framework. So, the developer of the ASP.NET application also widely has access to each of the built-in security functions and features of the .NET Framework. Such features include role-based user-access security and code access security.

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