VPN- Virtual Private Network

VPN or the Virtual Private Network connects a few selected machines, extending a private network in an existing public network that would enable users to send and share information or data while benefiting from the management as well as security policies. Now that was the technical stuff. Let’s put it into layman terms for a better understanding.


Imagine a network of computers that connects you and several of your neighbours in the zone. You and some of your friends in the neighbourhood however want to share some data or files which you do not want to be at risk of exposure to others. Thus, you utilize the resources of the current network and extend a private network of your own within it. So now whatever you see, share or send is only confined to the private network managed by you and your friends.

VPNs today are quite advanced but when the concept was first introduced, a simple point to point topology sufficed it well. Today however, VPN is used extensively in multi- national firms for intra department communication. Not only that, you can also use virtual private network from a provider to browse off limits with no threat to privacy.

How does it work today?

Ok, so let’s understand as to how the virtual private network works. You are already aware how it works out in an organization or area so we will skip directly to the virtual private connectivity provided by companies.

Virtual Private Network providers, almost all of them have their servers or networks issued/made in different nations. So the network of servers of these VPN providers is their private property which is why they can do whatever they want to with it. They encrypt all the data as well as the traffic passing through their network with a 128 bit or 256 bit encryption which is nearly impossible to crack even after hundreds of man hours power. So, this is how you get the ‘Private; part in your Virtual Private Network. Virtual, because you are not exactly in the location where anyone would trace you to be. For example, you connect to a proxy server from US while you are sitting in London so anyone looking for you is going to trace it to the server in USA with no means to look up for your original location (unless of course it is a legal matter and permissions have been taken). So bye bye NSA, hackers and peepers.

Advantages of using a VPN

Why should you connect to a VPN? Why indeed should you pay a few bucks to get unlimited VPN service for yourself? Well, here’s the answer.

  1. Security/privacy

Security and privacy are some of the biggest reasons as to why you should take up a VPN immediately. Are you afraid of prying eyes and what hackers might get hold of while you share sensitive data? Then VPN is the perfect solution for you. By connecting to a secure VPN, you no longer have to worry about being traced, intercepted or hacked into.

  1. Browse without limits

Some countries have blocked pout a few websites which they believe shouldn’t be visited by the citizens. Everyone has equal right over information and that is what VPNs help you achieve. Take an example- you are in Brazil and have a few websites blocked which you are curious about. Connect to a secure VPN which has a server of a European or any other country that allows those few sites and browse unlimited.

  1. Overcoming price discrimination-

Shopping websites have been ridiculously earning huge amount of profits by using your data and cookies and showing you inflated prices. Well, you can stop that now and connect through VPN to browse from a different location and then order whatever you want, saving a few bucks more than half the time you shop the cart out.

TOP VPN providers

VPN services are being provided by over thousands of network firms all over the world and many of them offer a free service on a trial basis or on limited functionality. Being a fan of the virtual private network, I tried some of them out and here is the comparison-

RANK Company Locations (Servers) Price Features Rating
1 Total VPN 32 Free ·         Fastest connectivity

·         User Friendly

2 iNCOGNITO 35 $ 5 ·         Impeccable anonymity

·         Great speed

3 Safer Web.com 33 $ 5 ·         Mobile support

·         Good support

4 Vyper VPN 57 $ 15 ·         Great design

·         Appreciable security

5 PureVPN 300 $ 10 ·         Strong protocol

·         More servers

6 Hide My Ass 210 $ 11.5 ·         Widely used

·         Great overall

7 Express VPN 97 $ 13 ·         Good protocols

·         Global connection

8 Invisible VPN 39 $ 11 ·         Fast network

·         Good repo

9 Safer VPN 30 $ 9 ·         Cost effective

·         For beginners

10 IP Vanish 77 $ 12 ·         Money back offer

·         Decent service






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